︎ I am       

a fly in the milk an artist a writer the lesson you learned I am désinvolte culturally involved fucking scared dressed-up naked free in a cage a putain de numéro I am attitude anger I am a hater a lover a péssimiste anti-social seriously loud worried forever unsatisfied passionate about the present I am ton plus-que-parfait de l’indicatif May be not from here I am spiritual an old man standing
just a color the lover who leaves at night the reason you wake up in the morning
I am your inspiration the enemy you love to hate a Bel-Ami a brother a father a miserable piece of shit I am here…

Photographer Prisca Monnier [laFurie]      
       Art Director Catia Mota Da Cruz       

      série en duo | Paris, 2016    

all rights reserved © 2018 paris - France